Discover The Secret of Color Psychology (And How To Use It)

Discover The Secret of Color Psychology (And How To Use It)

Did you know that color can influence people’s actions and emotions?


Not many people know this, but 93% of buyers rely on the visual appearance of something before they actually buy it.


Whats more, 84.7% of people who buy stuff said that color was the biggest influence on their decision of whether or not they should buy an item.


If you want to learn how to influence other people’s emotions or actions, then having a great understanding of color psychology is one of the best places to start towards becoming an marketing guru.


And if you are a marketer or business owner, then I would strongly encourage you to use this information to your advantage when trying to make a sale or persuade others to follow through on your desired call to action!


Below is a super awesome infographic by WebPageFX which explains EXACTLY how you can use color psychology to get people to do or feel the way you want based on color:


Psychology of Color


Here’s my take on this:


Color psychology 100% does have a real effect on how people feel and behave.  While I have a hard time believing that yellow makes babies cry, I do believe that the use of color can be used in persuasion.


However, there is no cookie-cutter formula to using it that you can just plop into your business and start getting predictable results.  There are a couple of variables you need to keep in mind:


Know Your Audience:

Every business is different and with that comes a different audience.  While these guidelines of color psychology may suggest your audience will react a certain way, it really depends on what niche your business is involved in.


When picking a color, consider the following about your audience:


  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their desires or aspirations?
  • What characteristics do they share?


All of these things need to be considered when choosing color in order to match your audience’s tastes.  I would recommend that you create a buyer persona sheet so you can really pinpoint exactly who it is that you’re talking to.


Know Your Topic:

The topic of discussion is also a big variable when it comes to color choice.  Consider the following:


  • What emotion does that topic create?
  • What is the typical behavior regarding the topic?
  • What desired behavior do you want to create regarding the topic?


So hopefully now you have a much better understanding of how you can begin to implement the use of color in your marketing strategies for a product or self-promotion.  Once you begin to use this tool properly, I promise you’re going to be blown away by how well it works.


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  • Kirsten Victoria

    This was really cool info Matt!! Something I had never even thought of before. Thank you for your insight! 😄