“You’re like a COMPLETELY different person.”

Those were the words everyone around me said when virtually overnight I decided to completely reinvent my identity and create the most fulfilled, successful, and happy life possible for myself and those around me.

See, it was only 2 years ago that I was a struggling, broke, and depressed bicycle mechanic who was $30,000 + in student loan debt.

And it’s not like I even did well in school to begin with by the way… I didn’t even have that going for me.

In fact, throughout my high school years my marks were so bad that my vice principal was kind enough to actually raise my final grade average 15% just to qualify for a degree that was literally peanuts to get into simply because he told me he “believed in me”.

I sure didn’t believe in me.

I was barely passing anything in school and when I did it was because it had something to do with written communication (which has turned out to be one of my greatest gifts).

I drank alcohol and partied as much as I could just so I could escape for a very brief moment the debilitating sadness and fear by knowing that I was capable of doing so much more, but cheated myself out of it because I was afraid of change.

The horrible realisation had begun to sink in that I spent nearly a quarter of my life goofing off and only being interested in short term gratifications and just mere hobbies…

And that NONE of these things were going to provide me with the life I truly wanted, a stable stream of income, and that I would fall into the same path so many other people fall into working a dead-end job for the rest of their life and simply live for the weekend.

How could this be happening to me?

I felt like that bright future I always looked forward to was quickly turning into the biggest disappointment of my entire life. I thought I was supposed to be different than most people. I was supposed to do great things. I was supposed to make real change. I was supposed to be happy.


One day, I went on a mountain biking excursion with my father and a close friend of his. This friend seemed to be extremely successful, happy, and had all the time and money in the world to enjoy life on his own terms. In other words, he had exactly what I wanted.

And out of sheer desperation, I basically asked him straight up for the “secret to success” and to help me get my life together so I could fix this nightmare I had created for myself.

Long story short, he didn’t give me any secrets, and he didn’t hold my hand and do things for me – but he did something much better…

He opened the door for me to a new, exciting industry called Digital Marketing.

I started reading blog posts. I started buying courses and books. I experimented with different online businesses and worked low paying marketing jobs. I even listened to audio books in bed sleeping until my ears were sore…

And then, eventually it all started to germinate and stick.

Fast forward 2 years to where I’m at now; life has become an adventure and bliss.

I am the founder and owner of several companies that I am very proud of. One being my main focus, passion, and source of income is a digital marketing agency called Capital Marketing Agency. 

We work with clients all over the world to provide them with amazing solutions and products to allow their message, brand, and product to reach the prospective buyers they want to get in front of.

I also love to host events and seminars that are business related. Whether it be a networking event, an educational seminar, or just a mastermind event – I want to be the one who is organising the magic of it all.

If it’s one thing that I could tell you about myself that I think is my greatest asset that I bring to the table in life and in business; is my ability to have depth of vision or see the potential in people, products, and businesses.

That’s why I love doing what I do – because everything in life is chock-full of amazing potential.

Be great,

~ Matt Thibeau