Hello there!  My name is Matt Thibeau. I’m a Canadian entrepreneur, certified business consultant, and lover of all digital media.

From a very young age, I have always loved business, have always been entrepreneurial, and have always been extremely driven in sport.  From the age of 12 – 19 my biggest dream in life was to be on the UCI podium of the trials world championships.

However, after dozens of successful competitions, YouTube videos, and entertainment shows across north america – I found myself wanting more from life.

It was only while I was attending university for my degree in communications and working at a local tech startup as a digital marketer that I realised my ultimate passion and purpose within business specifically was digital marketing.

After launching a successful information products company on Amazon, I began to study all aspects of digital marketing.  From email marketing, to social media marketing, to designing email funnels . . . I became OBSESSED.

I bought thousands of dollars worth of learning products and training courses in hopes of becoming the next online marketing genius. . .

As my career continued, so have my business ventures online.  Some have been very successful, and some (while being a great learning experience) did not make the impact I wanted to make. From these ventures and learning though, I have gained an exceptional understanding of the online world and how to make a big enough splash to get noticed and keep customers buying again and again.

Now, I focus most of my efforts on helping other business owners get their message and product/service out there by “harnessing the power of the internet” (not my words) and creating a real return on investment for my clients.

When I’m not teaching, learning, doing, or thinking about business – I love to ride my bike, listen to music, go on fun trips, and live life to the fullest!