I’m a communications and media grad, from Ottawa, Ontario, who somehow went from extreme bike stunt shows to digital marketing. I couldn’t be more fulfilled with my work.

I got my start as a marketing coordinator for a tech startup called TradeDesk, which I used to pay my way through university and dive into digital marketing. I loved the work, but I knew I could make a bigger impact.

With school finished and paid for, I said bye to my 9 to 5 and jumped into building a digital marketing agency. I discovered the world of Facebook Marketing within the year, and knew immediately it was something I wanted to master.

I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for 3 years now, and in that time, I’ve worked for small businesses helping them get better results with their online marketing.

At some point along the way, I began to realise that social media, specifically Facebook – is a severely misunderstood and underutilised tool by small business owners. My response to this realisation is to help ambitious companies overhaul their Facebook marketing strategy and create a system for them that can consistently put their message out there, and get them new leads at will.

These days, my business is divided into three areas:

  1. Creating “done for you” Facebook Ad Funnels that generate new leads at will
  2. Coaching small businesses how to increase influence on Facebook
  3. Creating stunning WordPress websites to connect the dots

I’ve helped small businesses and business experts double their traffic, have a bigger impact online, and increase incoming leads and revenue.

I love what I do, and I love helping other people love what they do.