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How We Help You

We implement our 7 Step Marketing Method in your business so you can dramatically increase your monthly lead flow and acheive your business goals.

Deploy powerful ads you can rely on to bring new and qualified prospects to you.

Google Ads

Create your landing page so you can convert more visitors into leads.

Landing Page

Get more leads with our help so you can make more sales and get to the next level.

Quality Leads

Our Pricing

We can promise you that our pricing is always fair and we strive to create a win-win relationship for both of us.

For that reason, we don't give out generic fixed pricing packages. 

Here's an example: If you had to get facial reconstructive surgery, and wanted the results to be good - wouldn't you hire an expert to do the job for you correctly, the first time around?

Or would you just settle for some cheap guy and not get exactly what you want, and probably pay more for it in the end?

Yes, we're comparing ourselves to surgeons, because we take pride in our work...

But also because we know what we're doing, and we know how to deliver real results.

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"In our first month we made a 100% ROI, and now we consistently get 20 strong leads a month. Matt's a true professional and I would highly recommend working with him!"

Brock Wijnbeek

"Matt works very hard for his clients and it shows. He helped us build a marketing campaign that works and continues to bring new business!"

Daniel St. Aubin

President, Northco Services

Owner, BCW Contracting

Here's What Others Have To Say...

"In my experience, Matt is a pretty rare dude. His combination of talent, experience, and certifications puts him well ahead of his peers."

Steve MacDonald

"I have been using Matt’s services with Savant Marketing for a year now. He has helped me greatly in setting up my Social Media presence. Always energetic and coming up with new ideas! Would highly recommend."

Sheldon Taylor

Owner, The Wine Garden

Dehumidified Air Solutions

"I hired Matt Thibeau at Savant Marketing Agency to set up and manage our Google Ads account so we could get more traffic and leads coming through our Madawaska Shores website. I'm pleased to say that since then, we have booked a new property showing every weekend from his ads. Matt is friendly, professional, and very motivated to get results for his clients. Highly recommended!"

Bob Wachna

"He was on point with his advice and everything he said was going to happen actually did.  We implemented a winning Adwords campaign that just flooded me with results to the point I had to pause it since I no longer had the capacity to fill the orders. I recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to win with their marketing needs but more importantly he is someone I trust and know can easily get the job done."

Paul Khoury

Owner, Sanwichii Catering

President of Madawaska Shores Properties

Here Are Some Client Results...

40 Leads In 1 Month & 152 In 4 Months

22 Leads In 1 Month

26 Leads In 1 Month

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